18 Augthe TEACHER is out!

I miss being a teacher. I miss being a mom to a number of small kids who have nothing to show and give you but pure love and respect. I miss seeing my pupils on their classroom desks all eager to learn from me.

I have always wanted to be a teacher. I have always enjoyed taking my part in molding young minds. I still remember when I was still a little kid. I would act as a teacher to some of my younger playmates. My mom enjoyed watching, and she was very supportive.

I hope time will come that I can go back to teaching. I really miss doing what I have always loved to do.

18 Augroutine established

My kids are now enjoying their time while brushing their own teeth! And Mame is loving it!

Establishing a routine really pays off a lot when it comes to child rearing. Gone are the days when I have to literally pull myself to the sink just for them to brush their teeth. Now, I just show them their brushes, and they will come running to their own spots.

One time, I let them see a picture of a southpark dentist. I told them he is a friend who wants to help them take care of their teeth. Kids should perceive dentists, and doctors as well, as friends and not as MONSTERS!

12 Augfats again and again

A number of people are asking me if I used some fat burners to get rid of those unwanted fats I have gained after two consecutive pregnancies. Hmmm, the truth is I have never used any. Taking care of the two kiddos was enough to make me lose some weight.

Just a piece of advice to those who really want to shed those fats off, just keep moving!!! If you do not have the time to do serious exercise, just do all those household tasks. Sitting on your couch all day will not do you any good. Choose the harder way to do things. You can opt to use the stairs rather than the elevators and escalators. Simple things like that. They will matter a lot.

12 Augsimple girl

I have always admired Mikee Cojuangco. She has really been one of my favorite celebrities (not acting-wise, though). She has captivated the hearts of many with her simplicity, genuineness and that bedimpled smile. Her simplicity intensifies her real beauty. I love it when I see her with very little make-up, or none at all. It just shows how confident she is with herself. I guess, that is the essence of real beauty.

Mikee is also commendable for her achievements in her sport. She has made the country proud numerous times already after joining several equestrian events abroad. But after all those triumphs, she has firmly kept her feet on the ground. Hmmm, if we were friends maybe I will give her some breeches that she can use in her competitions.

I miss seeing Mikee on tv. I have only seen her during the tv coverage of the wake of the late President Cory. Well, maybe she is enjoying her time with her family and with a more “private” life.

08 Augyeah, i miss you….

Hays, I am really missing my father so much… I try as much as I can to keep in touch with him every single day. But sometimes, it feels like those text messages and phone calls are not enough.

Pa is not the typical father. He is not authoritative, but he knows fairly well when to be in control. He can be the funniest guy you’ll ever meet in your lifetime, but everyone who knows him well will also agree that he’s one of the most principled persons. During my low times, he is the one making me smile. But more than that, he is the one who enlightens my mind and gives sound and practical pieces of advice.

No need to say that he is one of the greatest persons I’ve known.

I am not saying this because he is my father. I feel honored whenever I hear other people expressing the same sentiments. I must say I am a proud daughter.

I remember one time, when I was so sad, he borrowed my tito’s tuxedo vest and wore it just to crack me up. He made a fool out of himself just to make me see the efforts he exerted in making me happy.

I miss Pa.

Sometimes I am wondering how my life would be like if Ma were still there together with Pa to make me happy. Would it make a big difference in my life? Hmmm, I think so…

30 Julhow to increase page rank

Page rank has been a big issue for a lot of web masters and bloggers. Their “online” life depends a lot on PR. Having very low PR means lower income.

I have done a lot of research about how to increase page rank of a site. And I have learned that there a lot of ways to go about it. But tremendous amount of time and effort is needed to make it happen. I have also found out that submitting your site’s URL to a high-ranking web site directory will help in increasing a site’s page rank.

I do not know when the next page rank update will take place, but I am hoping that I will a higher PR or, at least, maintain what I have right now.

20 Julsmile…

Smile though your heart is aching
Smile even though it’s breaking…
You’ll know that life is still worthwhile
If you just smile…

That was my mama and papa’s HS graduation song. And over the years, I learned to sing it by heart especially when I am feeling down. It brings a sense of calmness and hope.

Hahaha, and now I suddenly remember how my mom used to drag us to the sink for us to brush our teeth. Even if we already fell asleep in front of the television, if she found out that we did not brush our teeth, she would really wake us up.

She made us realize the importance of having a nice set of teeth. And this is what I am teaching my kids. At first, it was so hard to teach them how to brush their teeth on their own. But now after Kuya watched the youtube video of a kid brushing his own teeth, he enjoyed doing it. And the copycat younger brother followed.

I told them about the orange nj cosmetic dentist`. Kids should consider their dentists as friends, as what Barney teaches. Dentists help people take care of their teeth. So kids should never be afraid of them.

20 Juli miss her…

Last night, after relaying one childhood story to hubby, I went to the comfort room and looked at myself in the mirror. And I could not help but shed a tear after realizing how much I am missing my mom. We could have shared a very strong friendship. The kind of relationship I shared with my mom was an unconventional one. She was the type who would let her kids go out on their own to discover the things they have to learn. And when they stumble, she would be there to explain what might have gone wrong. It felt good having her trust and confidence.

Growing up that way, I enjoyed living life alone, exploring the whole world without someone dictating or directing me what to do. It is so ironic that I am now looking for some guidance from the seasoned ones now that I am an adult and expected to do things on my own. I take pleasure and knowledge in hearing the stories of other people. And it is sad that my mom is not here with me to share what she learned about life.

But nevertheless, God taught me life’s lessons through challenging obstacles and overwhelming victories. He made me go through all things which allowed me to grow as an individual capable of feeling and loving.

I miss my mom. I really do…

20 Jullesser parents

In not so ancient time, fathers were tagged as the ‘lesser parents’. They apparently took the back seat when it comes to child rearing. Maybe, this was due to the fact that they took the role of being the provider of the family that they, in some ways, had less time to spend with their kids.

In these times when modern moms are dynamically seeking their place in the corporate world, it seems that modern dads also enthusiastically assert their rightful position in the lives of their kids. They don’t take the back seats anymore, thus they don’t deserve the unjust label ‘lesser parents’.

It feels good for a mom to see their better half taking equal parts in taking care of their children. It’s music to my ears when I hear my kids laughing out loud when they are playing with their dade. It feels even better when I see the joy in my husband’s eyes when he makes his kids so delighted. Even if he has work the next day and has to wake up early in the morning, he tries his very best to wake up at night to help me change the diapers and prepare milk for our 2 babies. Sometimes, I can’t help but laugh when I wake him up in the middle of the night because the 2 boys are both awake. He would tap my thighs thinking that I was his son.

When I was still teaching, I was impressed with the dads who were always present during the parents-teachers conference. i thought their children were so fortunate to have them. I could see how concerned and supportive they were with their children. And it made me smile when I realized that these fathers were actually more ‘makulit’ than the mothers were. They were the ones who raised a lot of questions, who wanted to scrutinize even the grading sheets, who requested their children to be transferred to different seats, and other things that could either annoy or make a teacher smirk. [char!] oh, maybe the fathers are generally more assertive than mothers are. And I think it should really be that way… or else…

Kids who have fathers like these are just so lucky!

19 JulJo-la-la-la-bee!

Kuya Marc and Baby Matt-Matt are so much in love with Jollibee. When we were in the Philippines, seeing Jollibee along the road puts a huge smile on their very cute faces.

We brought a DVD compilation of the Jollitown shows aired in GMA7. The kids are always watching it. In fact, they have already memorized the lines in the said show. Kuya Marc have already learned the Jollitown dance moves, and he can dance it even if the television is turned off.

Jollibee really has a great impact with the kids. I do not know of any Filipino child who is not attracted with Jollibee. Which leads me to think that having a Jollibee franchise is really a good idea. But where in the world can I get 10 million pesos for it?!!!!