06 Octpursuing dreams

One of my nieces told me that she wanted to pursue her dreams in Canada, where her uncle has been staying for more than a decade now. Her parents enrolled her in a medical assistant training school for they thought this would help her achieve her goals. And true enough, she’s slowly getting to where she wants to be.

I keep on praying not only for her success but also for her happiness. I am sure that wherever she may be, she will always be guided by the Lord.

03 Octbad in directions

Dade is buying a Garmin GPS for the car. He hates asking for directions… and I wonder why most men are, char! He asked me to look for the cheapest one that I can find in the internet. So I tried researching…

I found several, but I do not know which one he needs so I still have to ask him before making a purchase.

29 Sepfinding it hard to decide

One of the closest buddies I had in college is set to leave for a teaching job in the United States maybe this coming month. A lot of our classmates are already there, so I guess she will enjoy her time with them. She has been encouraging me to work there also, but I am having some apprehensions.

But should I decide to work there, maybe Denver Job Search will help my husband in starting his own career there.

I am still considering all options. I do not want to decide in haste because I have to consider the future of my kids first and foremost. This is making everything so difficult.

29 Sepkeeping in touch

Some friends are sharing to me the experiences they had during the typhoon Ondoy onslaught. And I really could not help but cry hearing their stories out. Whenever I see pictures of my hometown in the internet, I really feel so devastated. The city that I have always been proud of suddenly lost its beauty.

But I am still grateful that my family is safe in marikina, and none of my friends got hurt. Though their houses were flooded, at least they were not seriously affected, and I am sure the Good Lord will help them will start all over again.

Hayzzz, the whole experience was really disheartening. Hmmm, we do not need the best weight loss pills to lose weight. This is already enough to make us so thin, and very weak… sad… :(

But then again, I would still like to believe that after the dark nimbus clouds, a heap of blessings will come next. I know we will never be forsaken.

29 Sepshopping galore

Last night, the kids had a great time while we were doing our shopping. We let them get the items they wanted. And then, we would go to the barcode scanner to check the prices. They were so thrilled whenever they see the numbers coming out of the scanner. They would read it aloud and would clap their hands after. But since we did not have that much money, we asked the kiddos to put some of the things back to where they got them. We only chose some of the toys that they picked for themselves.

I confessed to hubby one little secret that I have been keeping for some months now. I told him that I have been keeping a part of the money that he was giving me so that we would have some money to splurge for ourselves. We have been saving so much, and I think we also deserve to pamper ourselves.

17 Sepdamn tired

I was very tired yesterday taking care of the kids. Kuya was throwing tantrums, and he was really testing my patience. But I did not give in. I could not just give him anything that he wants, and definitely he would not get those things by crying. I have read a lot of things about positive parenting, and this sometimes makes me feel so guilty. I believe in the saying SPARE THE ROD, SPOIL THE CHILD.

Even if I was feeling so sluggish, we still went to the house of my husband’s friend. They invited us for dinner. When I entered their dirty kitchen, I was so surprised with their sink because there are elegant stainless steel tiles installed. I was so impressed with the designs. I told my hubby that I would also want those tiles in our kitchen.

On our way home, hubby shared a lot of things that he would want for our future house. He has a lot of plans in mind. God willing, we can fulfill all of them.

Hayzzz, I hope tomorrow will be a better day….

17 Sepplanning things out

Hubby and I are starting to plan things out. There are some hard and bold choices that we have to make just to secure the future of our family. We keep on praying that things will turn out fine. But we still know that God’s plans for us will always be greater than what we are hoping for. It will always be His will that will prevail.

Last night, I told hubby about Myrtle beach golf. And he suggested that if ever we will pursue with the plans, we shall have a vacation… maybe just the two of us. Well, I hope this will happen…

I am looking forward to the day that I can see my husband and kids very much contented with the life that we have. I know this will be a long row to hoe, but in God’s time, this will happen.

10 Septoo many problems

Hubby has been so busy and tired this week. The car is having some problems, and he tries to go to the mechanic after work. He goes home very late at night. It is very hard not to have your own car here in Bahrain. The car rental is just so expensive, and it is not practical to avail of the service.

I have not told him yet about the leaks in the faucet. I do not want to bother him at this time for I know how stressed out he is these past few days. I do not want to give him another headache. I saw some Grohe faucets online, and am planning to buy some because they look so elegant. Of course, I still have to consult my husband first before purchasing…

Hopefully, the next week will not be as stressful as this one…

30 Augsmart kiddos

The kiddos are fond of taking pictures of themselves using our cellphones and digicam. Hubby and I are afraid that they might break those gadgets. He told me that he plans to look for some very cheap digital cameras that the boys can use in taking pictures.

I am amazed how the kids learn to manipulate things just by observing how we do it. Now they can manipulate the laptop all by themselves, and turn the dvd player on when they want to watch.

18 Augbirthday gift?

Hmmm, I wonder what I will give hubby for his birthday?

I am really thinking about this. Hubby is a very practical type of person. He is not hard to please, though. So I am torn whether to give something that I think that he wants or something he needs. I have seen an elliptical that he can use to trim those bulges down. Hmmm, will this make him happy? I hope so.

I think I have saved enough for this, but I still have to ask him first. I do not want to surprise him, and end up being disappointed. It really is not easy to find something for the most special person in your life….