05 Decmesothelioma

Are you fully aware of your loved one’s work nature? Do you realize the hazards in their workplace? If not, take time to be in the know! A lot of people have to take a medical travel just to be informed.

It was reported that there was a history of asbestos exposure in 75-85% of cases of mesothelioma cancer. Anyone who has been exposed to this kind of chemical should immediately consult a physician expert in this mesothelioma cancer.

So you may ask what asbestos is…

Asbestos is a broad term referring to a mineral collection known as asbestiform. It is composed of tiny fibers existing in 2 forms: amphibole or serpentine. It is said that the amphibole form causes more danger than the chrysotile form.

The tiny particles may be inhaled or swallowed as they are exposed in the environment and floating through the air. Once inhaled, they embed themselves in the thin lining of the lungs, the mesothelium. moreover, they cannot be expelled anymore. It takes decades, in most cases of mesothelioma cancer, for the symptoms to manifest.

Who are at high risk to asbestos exposure?

Being an excellent insulating material, asbestos is used in products needing to withstand high heat such as home insulation and construction, brake pads, electrical equipment, hot water piping, boilers, ship engines, and welding supplies. Workers in these industries should be aware of the health hazards asbestos exposure could cause.

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