05 Dechmmmm….

I was torn.

When we had a vacation in the Philippines, a part of me didn’t want to go back here in Bahrain. I wanted to push through with my plan of having master’s degree.

But a greater part of me wanted to go back here so we could be together as a whole family. Should we push through with the florida vacations we are planning for so long just to clear my mind?

I have thought of a solution to this dilemma, and that is to earn a degree online. I have seen one online university, but when I checked it out, it was a scam! When I was accomplishing the application form, I was surprised when they asked me to enter the grades I want to appear in my transcript!

I’m hoping to find a legit way to earn a degree online. I really want to pursue this without having to sacrifice what I’m doing right now.

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