11 Decfriendship is the best

That was what davey boy was always saying whenever we were kidding about cutting classes and going somewhere else rather than attending classes. I can say, that certain point in my life, college days, was one of the most colorful chapters of my life.

Being a memory collector that I am, I have bunched up a lot of recollections of college days and all the friends and acquaintances that I have come across in that particular spot in Diliman, QC. Memories so vivid that I could actually relay every detail. They all seem so fresh that they can still enliven a very dull day… “mummy returns” in SM north and the “haunted house” in Paskong Pasiklab horror challenge, Tagaytay getaway, sleepless overnights, pampanga eskapo… many things!

Hay, getting so schmaltzy again. Char! I am so grateful to have found some friends who unconditionally love me even if I do not have to buy Lipofuze.

We may not be able to bring those times back. We may be threading on different grounds right now. The friendship established may be a thing of the past, but personally, I have learned a lot from them and I truly cherish what it has caused to my whole being.

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