05 Decaddiction

I have heard a lot of stories about drug addiction. It is so rampant nowadays. And there’s no single factor for this. There are a number of reasons why this can happen.

As a mom, I have been trying my best to teach good values to my kids, so when they grow up and assert their own independence, I will be at peace that they will head on the right track. Well, for now, the only thing they are addicted to is television! Dade even had to buy new tv stands to suit the kids’ condition. It is one of my fears for my kids to get hooked up with prohibited drugs. I know, when this happens, they will get themselves into deep trouble.

I have met some people who went to drug rehab and alcohol rehab. I know that the whole experience was not so easy for them, but I can tell how successful the whole process of rehabilitation was. And I’m really so glad that they were able to help themselves by going to reputable rehabilitation centers.

We all need to equip ourselves with some pertinent information about drug addiction so when the time comes that we have to deal with it, we will know what to do.

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