29 Octpest control

My uncle has been handling this pest control business for so long. This has been his bread and butter. And I am too proud of him since he was able to help a lot of people because of this business that he worked hard on.

But unfortunately, his business suffered a lot since his health deteriorated. My father advised my brother to do something to save the business, but since he is not that much interested, I do not think he can do anything about it. I recently bought a fitness equipment for my uncle to improve his condition.

Now, a friend of mine needs some pest control services since her mom is really getting so irritated by all the cockroaches and mice inside their house. She tried talking to me, but, sadly, I could not recommend my uncle’s services. I hope that things will get better for my uncle. I know he badly needs money right now. I just pray that good karma will go along his way.

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