23 Octmaking friends

I have gained a lot of friends along the way and somehow managed to keep a lot of them despite the test of time and distance… from our neighborhood, from the province, from all the schools I have attended, and through chance encounters. I have also met a bunch of nice people here in the blogosphere. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories out. I am interested to what they have to share, for I really learn from all of them. I believe each person has his/her own story to tell.

I have joined this live chat, and started getting to know some of its members. I ask them a lot of questions regarding their culture, and they are very patient to answer them all. In turn, I also share some things about our ways in our country.

It is so nice to meet a lot of people and making friends with all of them. It really feels great knowing that there are some people who are there for you and who are willing to listen when you are in the mood of talking. These people whom I have known and who have shared a part of themselves will forever be etched here in my heart.

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