29 Octloving hubby

Every homemaker takes home security into consideration. There are just so many home
accidents and misfortunes that are happening in every house. Every homemaker takes every measure to make certain that things around their humble abodes are fine.

Personally, I believe this is essential especially when you have kids in the house who are so curious just about everything. They will always try to play with every single thing they can get a hold of. And with this, accidents can sometimes be inevitable which makes it hard for every parent.

When hubby is out for work, he makes sure to call us up once in a while to check the kids and the situation here at home. I appreciate his concern for us. I know that every time he is out, he is still thinking about us.

Yesterday, I had an important appointment to attend to. The kids were left with hubby. And while I was gone, I could not help but think if the kids were safe here at home. Not that I was not confident with hubby when it comes to taking care of the kids. But knowing how active my kids are, I was sure that hubby had a hard time.

When I got home, I was so surprised to see that the kids are asleep, the house was so clean, and even the bathroom tiles were shiny! I am so proud of hubby!

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