29 Sepkeeping in touch

Some friends are sharing to me the experiences they had during the typhoon Ondoy onslaught. And I really could not help but cry hearing their stories out. Whenever I see pictures of my hometown in the internet, I really feel so devastated. The city that I have always been proud of suddenly lost its beauty.

But I am still grateful that my family is safe in marikina, and none of my friends got hurt. Though their houses were flooded, at least they were not seriously affected, and I am sure the Good Lord will help them will start all over again.

Hayzzz, the whole experience was really disheartening. Hmmm, we do not need the best weight loss pills to lose weight. This is already enough to make us so thin, and very weak… sad… :(

But then again, I would still like to believe that after the dark nimbus clouds, a heap of blessings will come next. I know we will never be forsaken.

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