17 Sepdamn tired

I was very tired yesterday taking care of the kids. Kuya was throwing tantrums, and he was really testing my patience. But I did not give in. I could not just give him anything that he wants, and definitely he would not get those things by crying. I have read a lot of things about positive parenting, and this sometimes makes me feel so guilty. I believe in the saying SPARE THE ROD, SPOIL THE CHILD.

Even if I was feeling so sluggish, we still went to the house of my husband’s friend. They invited us for dinner. When I entered their dirty kitchen, I was so surprised with their sink because there are elegant stainless steel tiles installed. I was so impressed with the designs. I told my hubby that I would also want those tiles in our kitchen.

On our way home, hubby shared a lot of things that he would want for our future house. He has a lot of plans in mind. God willing, we can fulfill all of them.

Hayzzz, I hope tomorrow will be a better day….

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