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11 Decfriendship is the best

That was what davey boy was always saying whenever we were kidding about cutting classes and going somewhere else rather than attending classes. I can say, that certain point in my life, college days, was one of the most colorful chapters of my life.

Being a memory collector that I am, I have bunched up a lot of recollections of college days and all the friends and acquaintances that I have come across in that particular spot in Diliman, QC. Memories so vivid that I could actually relay every detail. They all seem so fresh that they can still enliven a very dull day… “mummy returns” in SM north and the “haunted house” in Paskong Pasiklab horror challenge, Tagaytay getaway, sleepless overnights, pampanga eskapo… many things!

Hay, getting so schmaltzy again. Char! I am so grateful to have found some friends who unconditionally love me even if I do not have to buy Lipofuze.

We may not be able to bring those times back. We may be threading on different grounds right now. The friendship established may be a thing of the past, but personally, I have learned a lot from them and I truly cherish what it has caused to my whole being.

11 DecLSAT prep

I can still vividly recall our high school days when my classmates and I were still dreaming about our future. Of course, we all wanted to be somebody someday. But each of us had our own definition of SUCCESS. Some friends were telling that it cannot be measured by wealth or fame. But one friend was insisting that he had his own standards when it comes to this issue.

10 years after, we decided to see each other and catch up with the lost times. And that one friend I was previously talking about proudly announced that he enrolled in LSAT prep class. We were all shocked upon learning that that bully-bully friend that we had back then also have his serious side, too.

Well, I hope that everything will turn out well for him.

11 Decget out of debt

I am not keeping my own credit card, hubby has one though. Why? Because I have developed this credit card phobia after hearing about a friend who accumulated so much debt because of credit card mismanagement after their orlando vacations last summer.

I think when you have that plastic chip, you have to make sure that you have a firm control on yourself. You have to make it a point that every purchase is necessary. If not, you will surely get yourself in trouble.

Though there are some services offering some help for your debt settlement. Debt Expert USA can make your life a little stress-free by helping you out with your debt problems.

So if you feel like your debts are starting to be a burden too heavy to handle, contact them as soon as the need arises.

05 Decthe phone is ringing

We all get annoyed many times by some calls from some unidentified callers. We try to know who was trying to call, only to get irritated because the person on the other line has nothing good to say. It’s definitely not worth your while.

To get some pertinent information about the numbers who called you up, try searching in canada phone number reverse. You just have to type the phone number, and presto!, you’ll get what you need. You’ll know the city, province and the carrier of the phone number in just a matter of few seconds.

You’ll surely be satisfied with their service for you don’t have to worry anymore about these small things. You surely have a lot of things to be concerned about, and this site can ease your stress!

We went to the mall just the other day to look for some cell phones on sale. I am sure that the said service will be beneficial once I have bought some new phones for my nieces since they have a lot of stalkers. It runs in the blood. Char!

05 Dechmmmm….

I was torn.

When we had a vacation in the Philippines, a part of me didn’t want to go back here in Bahrain. I wanted to push through with my plan of having master’s degree.

But a greater part of me wanted to go back here so we could be together as a whole family. Should we push through with the florida vacations we are planning for so long just to clear my mind?

I have thought of a solution to this dilemma, and that is to earn a degree online. I have seen one online university, but when I checked it out, it was a scam! When I was accomplishing the application form, I was surprised when they asked me to enter the grades I want to appear in my transcript!

I’m hoping to find a legit way to earn a degree online. I really want to pursue this without having to sacrifice what I’m doing right now.

05 Decmesothelioma

Are you fully aware of your loved one’s work nature? Do you realize the hazards in their workplace? If not, take time to be in the know! A lot of people have to take a medical travel just to be informed.

It was reported that there was a history of asbestos exposure in 75-85% of cases of mesothelioma cancer. Anyone who has been exposed to this kind of chemical should immediately consult a physician expert in this mesothelioma cancer.

So you may ask what asbestos is…

Asbestos is a broad term referring to a mineral collection known as asbestiform. It is composed of tiny fibers existing in 2 forms: amphibole or serpentine. It is said that the amphibole form causes more danger than the chrysotile form.

The tiny particles may be inhaled or swallowed as they are exposed in the environment and floating through the air. Once inhaled, they embed themselves in the thin lining of the lungs, the mesothelium. moreover, they cannot be expelled anymore. It takes decades, in most cases of mesothelioma cancer, for the symptoms to manifest.

Who are at high risk to asbestos exposure?

Being an excellent insulating material, asbestos is used in products needing to withstand high heat such as home insulation and construction, brake pads, electrical equipment, hot water piping, boilers, ship engines, and welding supplies. Workers in these industries should be aware of the health hazards asbestos exposure could cause.

05 Decaddiction

I have heard a lot of stories about drug addiction. It is so rampant nowadays. And there’s no single factor for this. There are a number of reasons why this can happen.

As a mom, I have been trying my best to teach good values to my kids, so when they grow up and assert their own independence, I will be at peace that they will head on the right track. Well, for now, the only thing they are addicted to is television! Dade even had to buy new tv stands to suit the kids’ condition. It is one of my fears for my kids to get hooked up with prohibited drugs. I know, when this happens, they will get themselves into deep trouble.

I have met some people who went to drug rehab and alcohol rehab. I know that the whole experience was not so easy for them, but I can tell how successful the whole process of rehabilitation was. And I’m really so glad that they were able to help themselves by going to reputable rehabilitation centers.

We all need to equip ourselves with some pertinent information about drug addiction so when the time comes that we have to deal with it, we will know what to do.

23 Novdreaming with eyes wide open

Many Filipinos are dreaming to step on the U S of A thinking that it is a land of milk and honey, where there is more than enough of everything. I am one of them.

It has been my childhood dream! It started when I learned about the Disneyland. I was always asking my parents to bring me there if they would have enough money. But unfortunately, that did not happen.

So when I entered college, I pursued to finish a degree which I thought could bring me to my dream land. I was able to finish it, but I did not push through with my plans for some better things happened.

Now, hubby and I are seriously considering migrating to the USA. We are looking for the best, surest and safest ways to get through with our plans. We do not want to compromise our kids’ future that is why we heed every step that we have to take. Oh well, rv financing is always there to help us through.

When we get there, the first place we will visit will surely be the Disneyland! And of course, we will never forget to watch some Las Vegas Shows! We have heard how pleasurable Las Vegas is!

So for now, we just have to keep on praying that the Lord will permit our plans to push through.

07 Novwebsite design

I’ve been keeping this blog for more than a year already. But till now, I don’t have a customized layout yet. I’m still using a wordpress template and just changed some of its features. I have tried making one of my own but since I’m not a techie person, and those html codes are all greek to me, I wasn’t able to build one that I can truly be proud of. I’m turning envious whenever I see some fellow bloggers having very nice and decent layouts. As a blogger, that’s one of my dreams for my baby site, to dress it up like a princess. I’ve been making some futile attempts every now and then, but I still end up choosing among the templates blogger offers. I will be buying a Logo flash drive where I can save my html files. I know I am going to learn soon!

29 Octloving hubby

Every homemaker takes home security into consideration. There are just so many home
accidents and misfortunes that are happening in every house. Every homemaker takes every measure to make certain that things around their humble abodes are fine.

Personally, I believe this is essential especially when you have kids in the house who are so curious just about everything. They will always try to play with every single thing they can get a hold of. And with this, accidents can sometimes be inevitable which makes it hard for every parent.

When hubby is out for work, he makes sure to call us up once in a while to check the kids and the situation here at home. I appreciate his concern for us. I know that every time he is out, he is still thinking about us.

Yesterday, I had an important appointment to attend to. The kids were left with hubby. And while I was gone, I could not help but think if the kids were safe here at home. Not that I was not confident with hubby when it comes to taking care of the kids. But knowing how active my kids are, I was sure that hubby had a hard time.

When I got home, I was so surprised to see that the kids are asleep, the house was so clean, and even the bathroom tiles were shiny! I am so proud of hubby!